A Haunted House Movie Review

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A Haunted House is the latest parody film released for the New Year. The film ranked in at number two in the box office after opening this past weekend.  The movie, co-written and starring Marlon Wayans, parodies horror movies such as Paranormal Activity and the Devil Inside. The film follows Malcolm (Wayans) and his girlfriend, Kisha (Essence Atkins), who are trying to adjust to living life together under one roof. When strange things start happening, Kisha believes that the supernatural is involved. Trying to settle her fears and keep his love life on track, Malcolm hires experts to put Kisha’s worries away.

The film starts off with a great start as Kisha brings along trouble before she even gets in the house by killing Malcom's dog. Tension between Kisha and the house keeper, fart jokes, and paranormal events give more humor to the film. The laughs keep rolling in one after another, giving the film a promising outlook. It isn’t until the movie gets to the halfway point that it loses its luster and things start to get awkward.

My biggest problem with the movie is the sex scenes.  Of course the movie is rated R, so sexual content is almost a guarantee, but what Wayan's brought to the table is unexpected. The swinger couple engaging in a Mandingo party is just one of the surprises in the film. Other sex scenes just lasted too long and killed the humor. For example, the first bedroom scene with the stuffed animals is funny when it first started, but after a few minutes goes by I just wanted it to end.

The sexual tension between the psychic and Malcolm are also predictable and overplayed. The last problem is the scene were a possessed Kisha is beaten by the male cast which I didn't think is funny at all.

Overall, A Haunted House is a good movie. It starts off with laughs as soon as the movie begins and had me rolling over laughing . However, The film could have been way better if some of the sex scenes were cut or edited to save the film. I give A Haunted House a 7 out of 10.

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