The Worker's Guide to Black Friday

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This time last year I was fuming because I knew I would be missing half my Thanksgiving day working behind a register. This time I'll be with my family,but I still feel bad for the workers all over spending their time serving others. I'm sending you all virtual hugs and kisses as well as this advice on how to handle one of the most hectic days of the year for retail workers.hb

Be Well Rested

I know some of you are already going to be tired from Thanksgiving parades and even early Thanksgiving lunch since you'll be missing out on dinner, but be sure you're well rested to start the day. Nothing is going to stop this day from being a never ending slaughter of deal seeking customers and you'll want to have enough energy to put up with it all.

Get Hyped Up

If you're going to be missing out on Thanksgiving with the family or even working into the early hours of the Black Friday, the best thing to do is to deal with it minus the negativity. I had to work until midnight last year and then come back to work six hours later for a morning shift. I knew it was going to be crappy, but I decided to make it as positive as I could to make it suck less.

Take Breaks - You Need it

Dealing with a high volume of customers all at once is stressful. Having them yell at you about prices, coupons, or customer limits will send you over the edge. For your sanity and health, make sure to leave it all behind on the floor and take breaks from all the chaos.
Once you gwt home, remember to allow yourself as much time as you need to recuperate and as much booze as you want! 

Get the Manager

You're already sacrificing enough as it is today , and having to reason with that one unreasonable customer will only sour your mood.  You don't have to sit there and argue with a customer about doubling coupons, secret diacounts, or other crazy requests. Get a manager if things get out of hand and don't waste too much energy on anyone/thing that will sour your mood. It will save you time and solve the issue immediately.

Pick Me Ups

Bring candy,chocolate, and other sugary mood boosters with you to the floor. This will keep your energy up and give you something sweet to savor during the day.

RemeMber it's Almost Over

Thanksgiving/Black Friday is usually the start of the holiday season,but just remember that this sometimes the worst of the worst. After this, sales days will be more dispersed and there won't be an onslaught of customers waiting for you forever. So stay calm, breath, and just imagine how you'll reward yourself once today is over. 

Have any tips you'd like to give retail workers? Comment below!

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