7 Ways You Can Work Abroad

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Traveling outside of the country is one of the top things to do in your lifetime, but one some of us don't get to do.  Instead of waiting for your honeymoon or a cruise ship, here are a few different ways you can go abroad.

Learning Abroad
Studying abroad is the most traditional and well known way of traveling abroad for students, but you don't just have to go through your school to do it. There are a lot of exciting learning programs you can enroll into if you take the time to do a little research to find them. Whether or not these can go towards school credit is between you and your school, but there is no doubt that you'll get a lot out of it.


Using your time, skills, and talents to help an international community grow or improve is another great way. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Global Vision International, and many more offer programs to build homes, teaching women empowerment, and among other things.

Intern Abroad
Interning at a local company is great, but interning in Spain, China, or Australia sounds lot more exciting. Think big! There are international companies that have their arms wide open for students from all over looking to grow their knowledge of the industry. Finding internships abroad is as simple as setting the location on search sites like Go Abroad and Go Overseas. Interning abroad is great for numerous reasons including giving you experience with different peoples and cultures, networking, improving your language skills, and of course it looks amazing on a resume.


There are numerous programs available where you can teach abroad. No, you don't necessarily need to have a teaching degree, but there is training involved. Programs like English Program in Korea (EPIK), Japanese Exchange and Teaching program (JET) , and International Exchange Program help you teach in Korea, Japan, and other countries. I do remember hearing that you don't necessarily need to know the native language in some of these programs, as you'll only be teaching English, although I  it's a big plus to have if you want to live there.

Missionary Work
If you feel like it's your calling to share the love of your religion, then missionary work could be another way for you to study abroad. You can feel as if you're serving a higher purpose while meeting people of different nations everywhere. Ask you church, mosque, or synagogue if they have missionary trips available or if there are any missionary groups that they sponsor that you can contact directly.

Mentoring Abroad
Applying and becoming a mentor or group leader for a study abroad program is one great way to travel abroad while being a role model for students. You'll be there to chaperone them and keep them out of trouble while helping them learn while traveling. Check with local universities and traveling programs to see if if they have any mentoring programs available.

Become a Travel Guide
If you know everything there is to know about a different country, know another language, and/or are willing to learn and lead people, then being a travel guide is a great opportunity for you. You'll be able to go abroad, meet new people, and get paid doing it! There are a lot of companies that offer jobs positions as travel guides such as this one for traditional fields and this one for a more adventurous route.

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  1. We've done the "work abroad" strategy--my parents worked abroad when I was a kid, and then last year my husband and I headed out to start our new expat life as teachers abroad, and we love it! I don't recommend that strategy unless you actually enjoy teaching, however. ;)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Rachel. Working abroad is actually something I'd love to do in the future


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