How Not to be a JERK on Black Friday

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(*originally published November 2014, this post has been updated with more tips and sass) 

While everyone is preparing for Black Friday sales and stuffing themselves with turkey, retail workers everywhere have to rip themselves  from family and friends and work behind the register today. Sadly, this year I am going to be one of them. Again. Of course not working on Thanksgiving or Black Friday isn't always bad, but there are a few things shoppers can do to make these next few days a little better. 

Don't apologize to us

"I'm so sorry you have to work on Thanksgiving/Black Friday"- No. Stop this. If you were really sorry you wouldn't be shopping today. We don't want to hear it. 

Be patient

You came out to shop on one the busiest days of the holiday season, so of course there will be endless lines. Don't rush us to do our jobs. Do not scream at us when prices do not ring up correctly. We're under enough stress and pressure as it is, so please don't make it worse. 

Read the coupon

Read the coupon. Read the Coupon. And again, if you didn't get it first time, read the ENTIRE coupon. There are price points that need to be met and exclusions that will apply and knowing these BEFORE you get to the register will save us time for the both of us. And if you skip reading the coupon and find out your coupon does not work, please don't yell at us for your mistake.

Don't mess up what we cleaned up

Seriously, this is probably the most frustrating thing about retail work. Yes, we are paid to straighten and fold clothes but that does not mean you have to give us a mess to clean up. Looking for a large in a stack of tees? Pick through the clothes and check the size on the label. You don't have to unfold everything to see what size it is or what you need . And if you accidentally knock over a stack something, pick it up please, or at least let a worker know.And most importantly-don't come RIGHT behind me to tear up a stack of clothes I've just straightened.

Overall be a nice person

We are humans. Many of us don't have a choice on whether or not to work today, since not showing up will mean waiting in the unemployment line Monday. So be considerate, and make this day less stressful than it already will be.

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  1. Yes so true! Working in retail is NOT easy

    1. no, it sure isn't! I wish more people understood this

  2. Love these tips! Some people really need the reminder :]

    xx katie // a touch of teal


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