Why Trina Is The Best Artist To Listen To During A Break-Up

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I've never been through a break-up. I've manage to avoid getting my heart broken by dodging a lot of bullets. Although I don't know what it's like to have a boyfriend break my heart, I have had friends and family members tear my heart to pieces. Maybe that's my heartbreak. Either way, there are rarely songs written about a friendship that ended or a family members to leave you.

 If I ever fall in love with a guy and the relationship is really strong, but then suddenly he leaves me, I've prepared the perfect songs to listen to while I'm going through the break-up. Some say Adele or Sam Smith are the ideal artists to listen to during a heartbreak, and I agree, but no singer can really release the hurt and anger of a heartbreak quite like Miami rapper Trina. How do I even start? Trina is everything! She is the go to artist who says exactly how you feel when you're going through a heartbreak. She sounds angry in her songs, but that's what so special about her music, her anger is our anger.  I put together a playlist of Trina's songs that will help me in the future if I ever go through a heartbreak.

To start the playlist off right, below is Trina's song "Single Again."
Lyrics that stood out:
"I'm single again, back on the prowl. I thought he was perfect, I don't know how I'm single again."
 Verse 1
"I don't care what your friends say what we had was like Jay and Beyonce, or was it all a dream."
 I'm pretty sure every girl thought a guy was perfect before the break-up, but then he suddenly changed. Now you're sitting at home realizing that you are a single girl again. This song will be on repeat if this ever happens to me. Thanks Trina for this song.

"Here We Go"

Lyrics that stood out

"You know what? I'm too fly for this sh*t"
Side note -I love it when she says this 


"Here we go, here we go again. Now you're telling me, that she is just a friend. Then why's she calling you at three o'clock in the morning? I can't take this no more, no, no, no."

This song is about discovering a cheating boyfriend. I hope this never happens to me. The song was popular my 7th grade year in junior high school. I remember this because a group of girls used to sing this song all the time in the locker room. At that point, I never knew much about the song. Once I finally heard it on the radio I was shocked that it was a Trina song. Every girl tries their best to sing like Kelly Rowland in the song, especially when she sings the run at the end.

"I Got A Thang For You"

The best way to get over someone is finding a new crush. After the crying and eating tons of food, there will come a new guy to crush on. "I Got A Thang For You," by Trina is the perfect song to listen to once you get over your ex.

Favorite Lyrics:

I need a man thats gon wine & dine me
Everytime you look you find me
Bellhoppin he buyin me
And plus he all mine see
He Brad Pitt, I'm Jolie
When we together we always sing
I gotta thang for you so how you feel bout me?

 Trina reminds us that break-ups are tough. Sometimes there is a lot of anger and tears, but through it all there will be a silver lining. Always remember that it's only a break-up and it's not the end of the world. Remember that you are a "Million Dollar Girl."

If you have a break-up song that you listen to comment below. 

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