My Ideal Prom Night

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Prom 2011

If I could go back in time, April 2011, and redo my prom night again, but only make it ten times better than it was before, I would be up for it. Before I go back, I want to explain that prom was not that bad for me. If I could rate that night I would give it a 6 out of 10. There are only little things I would change about that night. Isn't it weird that smallest things can have such an impact on you.
Let's go back to April 2011 my senior prom night and make my prom a little special.

Keep: Prom Dress

I love my prom dress and hairstyle. I would keep that aspect of prom night because it was such a beautiful dress. I love my hair too because I added a little blue streak to it to go along with my dress color. I was really trying to be different. If you're wondering where I bought my dress, I purchase it from a Thrift Store for only $8. I didn't buy an expensive dress because I didn't think I needed one.

Keep: Prom Pictures

I didn't take professional prom pictures. Thank God. That was one thing I did smart that night. If I had a date I probably would have taken some. 

Change: Prom Date

If I could change one thing, I wish I would have snatch a date. I know some of you are thinking that it's okay to go alone, but it was different for me. The high school I went to was a small magnet school and there wasn't many guys to choose from. Part of me wish I would have went to a regular high school instead of a magnet school, may be then I would have had a date. Also, all my friends had a date and I was stuck splitting my prom ticket with a friend in class because single prom tickets are more expensive than couples. Another reason it sucks going alone.

Dream Date: At the time I wanted Drake to be my date because I had a huge crush on him.  I was clueless on the guy I would asked.  I didn't wanted to go with any guy from high school. I wanted to go to prom with someone I actually liked. Sounds harsh, but the guys at my school were not my type, or I wasn't their type either.

 Change: Make-Up

 I wish I would have worn make-up. I know make-up is not a huge deal, but I wish that I would have put a little more effort to my facial appearance.

Change:  Prom After Parties

This one is the deal breaker. I wish I would have plan something to do after prom. You know all those amazing prom after parties, well I didn't go to one. I don't know if any one from my high school plan one or not, but I wish I would have did something special after prom. Instead I went to Sonic and ate that meal at home.

In Conclusion:

Throughout prom, and maybe high school, I put on a poker face. On the outside I looked happy, but on the inside I was disappointed. (High school was a bigger disappointment for me).  It wasn't a blast like I thought it would be.

One good thing did happen that night. During prom, my school's Broadcast media class filmed prom, but for some reason the video turn out terrible because of really bad lightening. If I can recall correctly, previous years, the prom video would go on sell, but since that year's prom video was so terrible the school never sold it. That was the happiest moment of my high school life.  I'm glad I didn't have to relieve that day on video.

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  2. You look adorable on your prom night!! I am glad that you found everything as per your expectations in this party. The most liked holiday party and also my prom night event was also organized last year. We all really had so much fun that day!


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