Waiting For You By Susane Colasanti Book Review

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This past spring break I did absolutely nothing. I really wanted to hit the beach, but I didn't. To make matters worst, I constantly saw pictures of my friends on Facebook at PCB or New York. However, I did purchase and read a book during Spring Break. Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti is a fiction teen lit book that discusses love and waiting for it.

The main character, Marissa, suffers from anxiety and wants to reinvent herself during her sophomore year in high school. I can totally relate to this. Every year in high school I was attempting to reinvent myself, but failed. The reason why Marissa wants to change so much is because during her freshman year in high school, she goes into a deep depression and thought of herself as weird during that time. She does not want to be the weird girl anymore. She wants everyone to think of her as normal.  Marissa has a crush on popular boy Derek who shows signs in liking her.  The two eventually date, but Marissa soon realizes that Derek may not be the one she's been waiting for.

One good thing that happens during her sophomore year is her rekindled friendship with Nash. It's obvious that Nash likes her, but she's not attracted to him because of his nerdy looks and lack of fashion sense. Throughout the year, Marissa suffers to find what she really wants in life and soon falls into another depression. The one person that seems to understand her is the mysterious DJ  that gives a podcast about all the school secrets and gives the best advice. If you're looking for an easy read, give this book a try. The chapters are super short, and  it's a great coming of age story. Although the book has a few sad moments, it ends with a light note. I will definitely read more books from Colassanti since I like her style of writing.

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