Worst Rommate Ever!

10:00 AM

Let's face it, when you're a new student in a different university you cannot pick your roommate.  If you do not know anyone to room with, you may have to deal with a difficult roommate.  I have friends who had to deal with the worst roommates. Some of you may have dealt with a roommate similar to the ones below.

"She always has her boyfriend over. I didn't mind her boyfriend being over during the daytime because I'm either busy with class or doing work for different organizations. The problem is when her boyfriend is  over at night, when I'm ready for sleep."
- Rachel

"She is too controlling. Instead of  asking politely to clean up my side of the room, she demands me to clean up, and my side is not that messy."

"She is a complete pig! We have failed  room checks because her side of the room has clothes, food, and alcohol everywhere."

"He uses my laptop without permission, and now the battery is dead."

"She walks in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower. Talk about no privacy."
- Sam

"She and a friend looked through my phone while they thought I was sleeping. Our friendship was never the same. I never trusted her afterward."

"He locked the door to our room when I was talking to our suite-mates.  When I knocked on the door he didn't answer. I had to walk outside of our room to get in. I should have told the RA."

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