Worst Christmas Gifts Ever!

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Him:" Well, your legs are getting a bit hairy . . ."

There are less than two weeks left to get your Christmas shopping done, and I'm sure that some of you have at least one person you haven't crossed off your list. Maybe you don't know what their size is, or not sure what they would like. Since we've already posted suggestions on gifts that you could gift,  it's time to post ones that you shouldn't. I like to assume that most of our readers are very reasonable, but this is a "just in case" post for any of you who may be tempted to give one of these bad gifts.

Diet Pills
Saying Kim has a cute shape doesn't mean I want it myself
I'm not even sure why anyone would gift this, but here's a word of advice: DON'T. Unless the person you're gifting for specifically asks for this for Christmas, leave these bottles on the shelf. It sends the message that the recipient is may be just a tad bit over weight. It's not good for the self esteem, and may even be dangerous to your own health. The same rule applies to gift memberships to Weight Watchers and the gym -don't gift it unless they ask (or they're a fitness junkie)!

Everyone loves jewelry, but there are a few obvious things to avoid when buying this gift. For example, never give someone jewelry that was intended or belonged to someone else. No girl wants to know that the necklace you bought her was actually for your ex. Another potential problem is monogrammed jewelry. When buying monogrammed jewelry, always double check the spelling of the name so there aren't any mistakes.That way Jade won't end up with "James" written across her bracelet.

"This Is Why You're Single" Books
This year has seen a lot of self help books trying to help women diagnose why they're single. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to gift this. No one needs a random person listing all their faults and other reasons that they're single for the holidays, and they especially don't need this under their tree. Leave the self help advise to Steve Harvey! This also applies to other self help books like how to lose weight, how not to be a jerk, and etc..

Leave the free condoms to the health clinics.

Used Goods
I wouldn't include this in the list if someone hadn't actually done this before. Just because someone told you that your sweater was cute does not mean that they want the same exact worn sweater as a Christmas gift. Don't give someone a gift that you have already used. If you want to give your old stuff away, throw a yard sell or donate them to the salvation army. Other than that, make a nice gift or buy something new for the people on your list. It's not that hard people.

Beauty Samples
Everyone knows that these gifts came free of charge, and the size is too small to truly enjoy the items. Stop being a scrooge and just buy the full sized product.


Re-gifting something you don't want or haven't used isn't a problem until you actually give it back to the sender. Be sure to note who gave you the gift before you toss it to the wrong person.

Hygiene Products
Gifting a body wash set for Christmas: cool. Gifting a pack of soap and other hygiene products like tooth paste and feminine washes: not good. These gifts signal that you don't think too highly of the receiver's personal hygiene, and will lead to one awkward night.

Whatever you do - DON'T gift these gifts! Play it safe this holiday season. If you don't know what to give someone for, just opt for a gift card.

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