The Perks Of Being a Wallflower-Review

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After having exams all this week, I've decided  to rest my brain. After seeing the trailer once, I was anxious to see "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", which is based on a book by the same name. Coming into the movie, I didn't know what to expect. Some of my thoughts while waiting for the movie to play: "Is this going to be a predictable teenage movie? What exactly is this movie about? I hope this isn't a waste of  time." The film opens with the main character Charlie, played by Logan Lerman, who is writing a letter to "a friend" about being nervous on his first day of high school.
The viewers can quickly see that Charlie is not popular or well known in the new school. Charlie is  shown to be intelligent and introverted. He shows this side of himself during English class when the English teacher asked the class a question. Charlie knew the answer, but instead of raising his hand he wrote the answer down on a sheet of paper, which the teacher noticed. Charlie wants to find new friends. The only friend he made on his first day of school was his English teache,  played by Paul Rudd. Charlie struggles, at first, to find more friends, but he later befriends a guy named Patrick played by Ezra Miller and Sam, who is played by Emma Watson. Like most movies the main character falls for the "pretty girl". Charlie had a crush on Sam the"pretty girl".

One thing that is different about  Sam than any other movie was her past, but Charlie shows no judgement towards her and likes her anyway. There were a few "Aww!" moments between the two. Sometimes I wonder did Sam like Charlie because she shows affection and sympathy for him. The movie had a few confusing parts, mainly the flashbacks. The flashbacks show Charlie and his Aunt's relationship when he was younger. I wondered why the flashbacks kept occurring, but the end of the movie revels why. The movie also had a few unexpected parts and was filled with good humor. Patrick, Sam's step-brother brings a little life to the movie. The ending of the movie leaves many viewers happy because Charlie seems at peace with himself.

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