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 So instead of writing my English paper, I've decided to focus my time giving you all a recap of the concert.

(via TeddyChanTastical!) I've been keeping this on the hush because everything happened so fast and I didn't want to jinx anything. I went with three other girls and we all drove a car to New Jersey. We got lost in Atlanta for like an hour thanks to the demonic GPS that came with our rental, but thankfully we got there on time and in one piece. One of the girls, Tylo, really wanted to meet her friend Tracy in New York while we were there, so we split up- two left and the other two stayed in the hotel. I was tired from the ride anyway anyway and didn't really care. I just wanted to sleep and explore the city once it was over. It wasn't until the next day that we got the most amazing news in the world - BigBang was in New York and our friends had found their hotel!

Waiting outside the hotel in New York!
Turns out they had gotten word where BigBang was staying at the time and headed out there to see if they could see them up close. To make a long story short, one of our friends Tracy actually got a little bit of one-on-one time with Taeyang and he signed her shirt. Tylo even got to dougie for him and he smiled at her. Sadly, I didn't go to the hotel, because Shanee and I had no idea how to get there. Tracy has the scoop on the entire encounter on her latest YouTube vlog .

After we all met back up in New Jersey we started heading out to the Prudential Center. The streets were crowded with VIPS. We even had to school some curious cops who thought BigBang was the Korean Back Street Boys. Excuse me? Umm, no.

We're in the bottom right corner. I'm in the red!
 While waiting outside in line,  we kept seeing YG staff taking pictures and interviews of the fans. When one of the photographers got close enough, I flagged him over and Tracy spoke to him in Korean asking him if he could take a picture of us. He did - and it ended up on BigBang's Official Facebook Page! Inside it seemed like we were the only ones really hype to see the guys perform. We were singing and dancing to the music as we waited to get some free stuff and tried to kill time before the show began. We saw lots of the band members walking and talking with fans and we were able to get a picture with the guitarist Justin. He's so cute, and he has a bit of green in the top of his hair.

L-R. Me, Justin (guitarist for BigBang), and Shanee.  
I'm not going to go into too mush detail about the show, but I will. It looked like the guys where really tired, but Taeyang was ultra hype. It looked he never wanted to leave (no wanted him too) After the night ended, we headed out for food and drinks before returning home the next day. The whole ride back home we still couldn't believe everything that happened.

The weirdest thing about being at the concert was forgetting all the lyrics to my  favorite song when they started to perform it. I was so psyched when GD&TOP started performing but for some odd reason I went blank on some of the lyrics even though I played that song repeatedly whenever I listen to their album. The same thing happened when Taeyang started singing Wedding Dress.Some other noteworthy things I wanted to mention are:

  •  GD got hit in the face. Some fan threw something towards the stage and it hit him by accident. He took it with good stride.
  •  Seungri was adorable! His English skills aren't the best, but he tried so hard "MY English ...I kill it. I want to murder my English" and he is such a GD stan "I love GD. I think he is a genius!"
  • Taeyang was so hype! All he did the whole night was dance down the stage. Fast song: dance. Slow song: dance. Random break: Dance. I don't think neither Seungri nor  Tae wanted to leave. 
  •  I've been sleeping on Daesung. Out of all the members I say I've listened to his music the least, but I loved his song Wings and I'm going to be downloading it and a lot more later this week.
    It really bothered me Top didn't get a solo stage. He has a few songs he's made by himself like Turn It Up. Still happy they performed from the GD&TOP album though. Fav from them -ever.
  • Tylo inspired Taeyang to do the dougie and cat daddy that night. You can't tell me differently. 

  • "Top say something!" -Taeyang. Top was so mad cool. Looked like he wanted to get away at some points. Hope he wasn't sick. He and Taeyang were definitely the crowd favorites though.
  • They stripped Dae's shirt off! He has the body of a god!
  • THEY SUNG HARUHARU AND LIES! Full disclosure: I refused to watch any of the previous concerts because I thought it'd spoil everything, but you have no idea how much I love these songs! I was screaming at the top of my lungs when the beat dropped and they sat on stage.

    There's so much more I want to talk about, but school work is calling me away. This trip was absolutely amazing. I got to meet some really cool people, make new friends, and see my favorite Korean group! Can't wait till the next time they come to the states. Hopefully it'll be a lot closer to where I live next time though.

    Photo Credits: YG Entertainment, TracyCozette, Gif from Tumblr

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