Nice to Meet You : 6 Professors You Meet in College

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Meet Your New Professors

When you go to college you're introduced to many different  people from all walks of life. Just like you'll meet different types of students during college, you'll  run into a lot of professors with some annoying traits. Chances are, you're going to meet at least one of these professors in your college career.

Professor TMI
This guy loves to share his personal life with his students. He lets students in on his baby's first step, his son's graduation, and how he cheated on his wife with the janitor. Wait- what?
This professor has no filter and let's all his dirty business out for the public to see. He may not teach you to form a thesis statement, but you'll definitely know who's the best divorce lawyer in town.

Professor Beau and Beauty
These professors are hot and they know it. They always make it a point to come to class in their best and it's just so hard to focus when they're talking to you.Worst thing about having one of these teachers is trying not to let on that you're totally crushing on them.

Professor Boredom

Bueller. Bueller.  We've all seen the stereotype of the helplessly boring professor, but this guy actually exists! And in case you haven't ran into him in high school, then he's lurking in your college classrooms. No matter if you're talking about aerodynamics or JLo's new man, this guy will be putting you to sleep.

Professor Don'etall

Know that one guy that loves to talk about himself and finds a way to boast about everything he's ever done? Pretend that person became a teacher and you've got Mr. Don'etall. This self absorbed teacher loves to brag about his accomplishments and does all he can to make you feel inferior to him. You volunteer at the animal shelter, but he single-handledly raised two abandoned bear cubs in the woods while suffering from meningitis after winning the noble peace prize. Do you feel special now, punk?

Professor No'etall

Don'etall's cousin and best friend. This No'etall knows everything about everything and wrote the book on it. No matter what question you give, he'll make it seem like he knows the answer and give you a long rant about why the economy is so dysfunctional and the origins of the world when all you ever asked him was when your next paper was due.

Professor Scatter Brain

This professor never has it together. She's constantly losing papers, getting off subject, and rescheduling tests at the last minute. You'd think she was a student herself by the way she acted. Although she may seem fun at first (thank God she forgot that paper was due today) her  lack of preparation will only hinder you in the future (she never taught us this!).


Have you ever had any of these teachers before? Know a professor that we missed?

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