She's Just NOT That INTO YOU!

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Your crush. Your heart skips a beat when she's around. You wait for her text reply, and you want to be the one guy to take her heart away. But does she feel the same way about you? Here are signs to tell that she's just not that into you.

Look Who's Talking:

Does she ever text or message you first? If a girl really likes you sometimes she will text YOU FIRST. If you're the one who starts the conversation, chances are she's really not thinking about you.  Be Careful with constant texting, she may finds this really annoying, and she probably want tell you  because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

Why Can't We Be Friends?

So you told her you like her more than a friend, her response: " I just want to be friends". Now you are more puzzled then ever. She laughs at all your jokes, she text and calls you often, but now she wants to be friends? If you are this guy here's why she stills wants to be friends. If she's laughing at your jokes: She thinks you're funny. If she's always texting you: She's thinks you're a cool guy to talk to.*Coughs* Friend Zone. .

Catch Me If You Can

Guys, you like a catch. After she tells you she's not interested,  you're still thinking of your chances with her.  Often when a girl says she's not interested, she not. So back off her Facebook and Twitter and move on.

Body Language:                

A girls body language can easily tell that she likes you. While having a conversation look into her eyes, if she's looking at you, she maybe diggin you. If she's looking towards the side... You're BORING.  

I Kiss My Ex, and I Liked It  

If she's  talking about her ex all the time... I'll type this slowly S-H-E  D-O-N'-T W-A-N-T Y-O-U! If a girl says she still have feelings for her ex, stop wasting your time crushing on her because you will get crushed.

Now What?
After reading this some guys may think: "Dang Brittany never text me first, or she's always talking about her ex, she'll never like me."  That my friend maybe true, Brittany may never like you, but time heals all wounds. Forget about Brittany, she had crusty feet anyways. The best way to get over a crush is to find someone new. Put your ego aside  and realize not every girl will like. (Not without Fame or Money, of course)

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