Drake Bell Receives Death Threats By Beliebers

1:26 PM

Drake Bell: If ever wants guitar lessons.....

Drake Bell has recently been under attack on Twitter by Justin Bieber fans. How did it started? Someone hacked into Bell's Twitter account and bashed Katy Perry.
Bell told his followers the mean tweets about Perry was not from him, saying he is a fan of Perry. He then tweeted:  I wouldn't randomly bash @katyperry....bieber however lol.  Bieber fans were angry with Bell's tweet and had some harsh words to say to the former Nickelodeon star.

I find it hilarious how forgotten celebrities, such as Drake Bell & Joan Rivers, need to badmouth Justin to get some attention. LOL okay.

 "Katy Perry un-followed Drake Bell cause he was bashing Justin & Beliebers" Katy, i love you. lol

 "Justin has no talent, he needs guitar lessons" - Drake Bell. GO SELL OUT MSG IN 30 SECONDS AND THEN WE CAN TALK AGAIN

  when will you actually realize that Justin's hair costs more than your house? burned.

 Drake Bell shouldnt be talking when even Justin's bodyguard, has more followers than him.

Things are getting pretty ugly, as you can see. Katy Perry un-following Drake Bell is a rumor, there is no proof to  that tweet. The tweet about Bell not selling concert tickets is a rumor as well. If you think these tweets are bothering Bell, don't worry he retweeted many of the vicious tweets. 

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  1. That's what Drake Bell deserves he's irrelevant

  2. This has gone beyond ridiculous! Grow up, children! Everyone has a right to THEIR opinion. So, Drake lightheartedly dissed the Biebs, that doesn't require DEATH THREATS! Yes, Drake kept it going after that - but IMO, it was to show the hatred, bullying, & viciousness that was coming at him. Honestly, I feel Biebs should feel ashamed for not doing more to diffuse the situation. And, the fans, my God! Have you honestly really paid attention to what you're sending Drake? Get some control over yourselves, for crying out loud! Ugh, I'm truly on neither side. I am just appalled at the Bieb's fans!!!


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