Funny Fridays: Cuffing Season- How to Get A Mate for the Holiday

1:14 PM

As everyone knows, the winter season is a time where everyone is looking for someone to spend the holidays with. This is commonly known as cuffing season. It's when men and women alike look everywhere high and low for someone* to push away the loneliness that comes hunting singles this time of year. This leads to women wearing next to nothing when the temperature is next to zero and men making it rain in the clubs with their rent money. To save you guys the money and time, we've gotten a few videos from our favorite YouTubers who will give you tips on how to get a mate for the holiday season. Enjoy, and hope it helps!

(*notice I didn't say special)

Tips for the fellas: 
Leaning Leon

Bubz Beauty:

Tips for the ladies:

Brittany Lousie Taylor

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