Did You Miss It? MTV Iggy Best New Band Concert Recap + Chance to Watch it again!

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The MTV Iggy Best New Band Concert was s hosted last night in New York. Bands from all over the world came to perform for thousands of adoring fans and thousands more who watched the live stream of the concert at home. Performers included La Vida Boheme, Yuna, Gyptian, and Best New Band winners 2NE1. Here's a recap of the performances and later we'll give you all a chance to catch the show again.

The first to performance was by Latin Grammy nominees La Vida Boheme. The Venezuelan  rockers gave a high energy performance of their songs "Radio Capitol", "El Sentimiento Ha Muerto", "Danz", and "Nicaragua" . I'm sure their fans, the resistance, were happy to see their favorite group live. The group was later interviewed about their paint splattered image, fans, and their music.

Other highlights of the show included my new favorite Maylasian folk singer Yuna. She gave soulful renditions of her popular songs"Decorate" , a cover of "Come as You Are", and her new single "Live Your LIfe". I highly recommend you watch this singer as she's sure to be in headlines one day soon especially since she's been working with hit maker Pharrell.

Jamaican artist Gyptian also performed a few songs including "Beautiful Lady", "Nah Let Go", and his popular "Hold You".  Gyptian made sure to sing to all the pretty ladies-which they thoroughly enjoyed. Does anyone else thing his growling is sexy? After his performance, Gyptian and sway talked about his music and the politics in Jamaica.

Throughout the show, spotlights were given to the other top ten nominated groups. Artists from Australia, America, and Pakistan were discussed by musical experts as to why these artists are so influential today. Celebrity designer Jeremy Scott even stopped by between performances to wish his favorite band good luck and discussed how he an 2NE1 met.

All of the acts that performed were amazing, but the one act that everyone was waiting for wrapped up the show. 2NE1 kicked off their first American concert with their first single "Fire" followed an upbeat rendition of"Can't Nobody", and slowed it down with "Lonely". The girls ended the show by declaring to the world that they were indeed the best with "I am the Best" .If something happened that prevented you from watching the show, don't worry. You can still watch the entire show by clicking on this link to MTV Iggy and watch all the amazing acts from last night.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the crowd. It's amazing to see the diversity of all the fans and how sincere they really are. 

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