MoA WithDrawal

1:15 PM

I Miss MoA! I know many  MoA fans are missing her as well, especially since 2ne1 release new songs. I am in desperate needs to hear MoA's English cover of "Ugly", Hate U", and "I Am The Best." So I've decided to find other Youtube covers of 2ne1, by different artists. No one will take MoA place, but these covers are amazingly good: Check them out.

Below is an Acoustic Cover of "Ugly" by a Youtube user name MajimakDream

It was really hard to find a good English cover of "I Am The Best." Peuyeumus did an o.k job on this, the problem was her voice over powering the beat. See below

This English cover of "Hate You" sounds a little like 2ne1. McYabisi sorta reminds me of MoA, because  of her fun witty lyrics.


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