Jasmine Villegas's new song about Justin Bieber?

9:54 AM

Recently singer Jasmine Villegas's revealed her new catchy song "Just a Friend". The song with it's catchy beat and relatable lyrics, many fans took to the song, but others starting connecting the song lyrics with Jasmine's real life, claiming that the song is actually about her ex Justin Bieber. With lyrics like "If I'm just a friend, why do I know what your lips feel like?" and "Keep tellin your stories, to her and your homies, but that doesn't make any sense", many fans were quick to assume that the song was her and Justin. The fact that this song was released right after the rumors of Bieber allegedly cheating on Disney starlet Selena Gomez with Jasmine only helps to fuel the fire.  Listen to the song below and tell us what you think. Is the song about Bieber, or are fans blowing this way out of proportion? Take a listen and tell us below.

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