It's Funny How Rumors Start

12:02 PM

I know many of you were relieved when you heard that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. But they were nothing but rumors. Timothydelaghetto, who we did a Funny Friday video on, started the rumors. He tells his YouTube subscribers that Justin was texting his ex Jasmine Villeges and Selena was not "having it" and
broke it off with Justin Bieber. Timothydelaghetto admits countless times that he want Selena to be his girlfriend, he even wrote a song about her title "Hey Selena Gomez" I wonder has Selena Gomez seen these videos about her. I kinda want her and Tim to become a couple. Below is the video that started the rumors. *Viewer Discretion Advise*.

Here is the song that Tim sings to Selena "Hey Selena Gomez"

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