Funny Fridays: Awkward Black Girl

11:08 AM

For this week's installment of Funny Fridays I've added an episode of a funny web series I recently found. The show is called Awkward Black Girl. The series follows J as she deals with a job she hates, co-workers she can't stand, and all the other hurdles that come with living the life of an awkward black girl. There are
parts about the main character that I actually see in myself and the situations that she faces are ones I can relate to in one way or another. Currently the creator, Issa Rae, is trying to extend the first season but needs help moving the project along. If you like the show and want to see it continue, please help by giving a donation. I hope you like the episode, and you can always click here to see more of the series! Have a great week!

**Warning** This show contains explicit language. Viewer Discretion is advised**

Episode 1

Kick Start Campaign

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