2NE1 Reveal "Hate You" MV

10:03 AM

Blackjacks have been patiently waiting for the release of 2NE1's latest video "Hate You". The follow up single to "I Am The Best" comes with an action packed animeted video with the art of graphic artist Mari Kim. The girls are seen saving the world and fighting an evil villain, who probably could have been played by GD or one of the Kwon twins if it was live action. Enough talk, enjoy the video!

Things to Notice

  • Bom eats corn in the video, lol!
  • Dara really seems to be taking this personal. Notice she's the main one trying to kill the guy?  Maybe an ex lover?
  • Who doesn't want to drive a super cool pink jeep with skull and crossbones on the hood?
  • Minzy can drive?
  • Take a closer look at their eyes in the video. Cool right?

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