Copycats In the Music Industry

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If you listen to Kpop and American Music, I'm pretty sure you notice how familiar some songs may sound. Truth of the matter is most pop music, American, kpop, etc. copies each other. So I decided to find similar songs and artists that sound and look similar to each other.

If you are both fans of Lady Gaga and SNSD you probably notice the similarities between Gaga's "Born This Way" song and SNSD "Be Happy":

Take a look at Britney Spears songs "Womanizer" and "If You Seek Amy" each sound familiar to 4minute  "Funny"

 Here are two pictures below. I know both  may look like 2ne1, but they're not. The group below 2ne1's picture is a Thai pop group called "Candy Mafia." Many people are saying that they are a copycats of 2ne1.

Take a look at Candy Mafia and tells us what you think.

In SNSD music video for their song "Gee" the choreography can be compared to a Chinese Folk Song.

*Please Note that I am a fan of both American and Kpop music, I wanted everyone to see the similarities between pop music as a whole. I'm not saying American or Kpop music is better, because I will admit this will not stop me from listening to Lady Gaga or SNSD*

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