Where to Find Cheap and Free Textbooks

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If the tuition for college isn't killing you, then the cost of textbooks surely will. With some books  running up to $600 and no guarantee you'll use it much in class, it's a good idea to find cheaper ways to buy your book. Here are a few resources you can use to get your books for free or cheap. 

Don't Buy it

It's not uncommon to hear students say that they didn't even need to buy the textbook to pass the class. Usually in lecture classes, you can skip the cost of the textbook and rely on the notes given by the professor. Always ask your professor or former students how much of the class relies on the text, and you'll be able to see if you need to head to the bookstore or not. Checking out reviews on rating websites helps a lot as well.


Your school may offer free hourly rentals for your textbook. Just check with your school's library or SGA office to see if this option is available at your campus. If it is, then head on over and see if your textbook is offered. Now you'll just need to rent the textbooks before and after class to catch up on readings and homework. 


Professors sometimes receive both a student and teacher copy of the textbook from the textbook companies. You can always ask your professor if you can borrow her copy for the class. Just explain how down on cash you are for the best results. 

Bulletin Boards

Other students will be willing to give up their old copies of textbooks for a little bit of cash. So check out the school bulletin boards and any online groups or forums to buy used textbooks. They'll have a cheaper price than the bookstore and may be willing to bargain. 

Online Stores

If you have to buy your textbook, this is usually the cheaper and most reliable option. There are tons of websites online that help you find your book for a great price. My usual go to sites is Chegg, but sites like Bookbyte will compare prices for you so you're always getting a great deal.

Free Proxies

You didn't hear this from me, but there are a few sites you can go to to find your textbook online for free. I'm sure there's a reddit post lurking on the webs you can find online, or being shared on a blog like social media platform with lists of websites that offer free textbooks. Use these sites at your own risk!


Ebooks are ussualy way cheaper than their paperback counterparts. Sometimes by tens to hundreds of dollars. Sites such as Kindle, Chegg, and ebooks.com offer ebooks for you. Make sure you compare the prices before buying!

Have a tip you'd like to add? Tell us in the comments! 

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