Best Ways To Spend Your College Refund

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 Receiving a college refund is one thing college students look forward to. It's nice to roll over in a cash pit of new money. One thing exciting about the start of a new semester is the start of a new college refund. Here is a list of things to buy with your college refund money.




If you know someone who is selling a car for a cheap price, maybe you should risk it and buy one. There are always flyers of students selling cars around campus. Besides, you've always said you wanted a car, now could be the time to invest.


Maybe you need to upgrade your 2002 Windows XP laptop or maybe you simply want a Mac computer because you've heard Macs don't catch computer viruses. Whatever your reason, go ahead and buy a new laptop

New Hairstyle


Time to set an appointment at your hair salon. Better yet- find a girl on campus who can do killer micro braids because now you can get the hairstyle you want. You can also buy those expensive hair products because lets be honest,  a small bottle of Monoi oil  that cost $30 from Carol's Daughter may be what you need to stop the frizz. 


New Clothes/ Shop Until You Drop


You can finally have the shopping spree you've been dreaming of since you were 10 years old. Go ahead and shop wisely my friends.





Three words; NAME BRAND FOOD. Say good-bye to Great Value and say hello to a pack of Evian water that costs $20. Water this expensive must be good, right?

Pay For Rent/Bills


 For the off campus students, please be responsible and pay your rent and take care of those bills.

College Books

This is probably first on your list of things to buy with your refund money. College books can range from $70 to $300. The best part about buying  books are selling them back at the end of the semester, so you can have some more dough.

Save It!

Maybe you're not interested in buying anything with the money, maybe you want to save it for an emergency. I'm actually planning on.... attempting to save my refund money because I will be graduating in the spring, and I may need the money while I'm looking for a job. Nothings worse then looking for a job while being broke.
*Note* Not every college student gets a refund. Heck! When I lived on campus I didn't even get one.  *Whispers* If you want a big refund live off campus.

How are you planning on spending your college refund money?

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