Wonder Girls and Brown Eyed Girls Reveal New Teaser MV

10:41 AM

The Wonder Girls have thrown the retro concept out the window and replaced it with a bold, edgy, rocker look. The teaser shows the girls rocking leather, studs, and dark makeup, giving fans only a taste of their new bad girl image. After years of waiting for their idols return, I'm sure Wonderfuls all over are giving the ladies a resounding "YES"!

The Brown Eyed Girls are gearing up to realease a new music video for Cleansing Cream, a new single off of their repackaged album. The name of the video made me think that the girls were starring in a CF. However, the teaser looks promising and I'm extremely curious to see what these ladies have up their sleeves next. 

I can't wait to see these groups release the full videos! Which one do you want to see the most?

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