Brown Eyed Girls Release Cleansing Cream Video

9:52 AM

These ladies do not disappoint. The video for BrownEyedGirl's latest single "Cleansing Cream" has finally arrived and fans are eating this up! The song is the backdrop for a story about a blind girl and her sister. Hope you enjoy this song as much as I did and buy it!

What I think the Story Means
For those of you confused about the meaning of the video,don't worry you're not alone. As we speak, thousands of fans are debating what is actually going on in the video and whether the younger sister is really in love with her brother-in-law or not.
One thing that is for certain is that that the younger girl is blind. She is constantly calling out Unni for her older sister who she lives with. At night the blind sister comes into the room to sleep with the older sister, but the older sister mistakes this as an attempt to sleep with her husband. Tension gets riled up in the end after Unni sees her little sister wearing her makeup and can't take it anymore (You try to take my man and makeup as well?!?!) That's my view on the video.  How do you see it? Share your thoughts below!

I'll try to post lyrics soon.
Click here for Lyrics!

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