Ladies Code "Hate You"

8:30 AM

I found a new Korean song that I'm obsessed with listening to nonstop. Ladies' Code released the song "Hate You" a week ago. I must say the song was love at first listen. I will admit I haven't been listening to that much K-Pop music especially after watching the trashy video "Wassup" by the the twerkin group Wassup. The song "Wassup"was not that bad, I just couldn't take the video. However, if it wasn't for that trashing video, I would not have discover this awesome song, "Hate You", by Ladies Code. The video reminds me of 2ne1's "It Hurts", but much creepier, mainly because of the weird Barbie Dolls. I really hope Ladies Code become a successful Rookie Group. Enjoy the video.

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