Why Do Pretty Girls Only Hang Out With Other Pretty Girls?

10:30 AM

Maybe it's human nature, but from high school I've  noticed that pretty girls only want to be associated with girls that are equally pretty. When I refer to pretty girls, I'm not talking about their looks. These are the girls who wake up extra early in the morning to comb their hair, put on loads of make-up, and pick out the cutest outfit to wear at school. Let's not forget the loads of perfume they wear. I'm basically referring to high-maintenance girls. Think Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and somewhat Nicki Minaj.  These girls obsess with looking their best all the time. I'm not trying to make these girls feel bad because there's nothing wrong with looking your best, but the problem comes when some of these girls, not all,  look down on other girls who don't dress to impress often. This was a big problem I felt in my high school. Sometimes it felt like the pretty girls thought they were more superior because of their looks.

Of course these girls only hung out with each other because they wouldn't be caught dead with a girl with frizzy hair, glasses, and a cute shirt. In high school, some of these girls would make fun of girls who had frizzy hair or a weird looking outfit, I never understood why. Especially when I see pretty black girls make fun of other black girls's hair. All of our hair is kinky some may be less kinky, but it didn't make sense. Just because the pretty girl spends $60 at a salon every two weeks to get a relaxer doesn't make her better than the girl that gets a $5 box perm. Keep it mind this is before natural hair was being embraced. Sorry about my rant.  Yet, that was a high school problem. Let's hope the "pretty girls" matured and realized that there is more to life than being pretty. If you are a pretty girl in high school, be nice to the girls who don't walk the hallway like it's a runway. 

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