Serena Williams Is The Perfect Example Of Waiting Until After College And Then Get A Boyfriend

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Serena and Venus Williams are my two favorite female athletes. I remember watching the two play tennis back when they rocked braids with white beads. Seeing Serena still killing the game is amazing. She will be in the history books in the future and she'll definitely need something to keep her legacy going like the Michael Jordan shoes. Whether you love her or hate her she's the reason many watch tennis this year. I wanted her to win the U.S Open semi-finals, but sadly she lost. I don't know what went wrong. I know deep down she's hurting because she made it so far. So naturally, I'm going to blame Drake for her lost. When the internet exploded about the two dating, I was happy for Serena because I'm a fan. I didn't support her dating Drake, but it's her decision. Drake has had a crush on Serena since forever.

"In the Morning," by J.Cole featuring Drake, Drake references Serena. So what does their relationship have anything to do with college? Their relationship is the prime example of waiting until after college to date someone. Maybe, if Serena would have waited, she would have won the U.S Open. Maybe Drake was a distraction for her.  There are so many girls that go to college and as soon as they get a boyfriend their focus changes. Some girls drop out, some girls grades slip because they're constantly worrying about what their boyfriends doing. Maybe there is a reason you're single. It's probably best to stay single throughout college because you don't need a speed bump in your life. I'm not saying  that you can't balance a relationship and college, but it might be easier for you if you were not in a relationship. Don't worry about "relationship goals," instead  get your degree and be the success story you always wanted for yourself.  Your boyfriend will come.

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