Trends That Need To Stop! Hair Bonnet

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I know I'm not the only person to recognized this degrading trend. Hair bonnets, or as I like to call them "sleeping caps" are suppose to be used for hair protection while sleeping. However, I'm tired of seeing grown women in public wearing hair bonnets. It really makes a woman look bad! It shows how little someone cares about their appearance and the people around them.

Wrap Cap

 I understand how difficult it is to comb our hair, but at least be presentable in public. Why not wear a pretty scarf on your head instead? I wear a hair bonnet to sleep, but I wouldn't dare go out in public with one. Another dreading trend I noticed that also needs to stop is wearing a wrap cap in public. Again, wear a scarf or hat to cover it up! I would rather see someone dealing with a bad hair day than going outside looking as if they rolled out of bed.  Keep in mind that what you wear and how you dress is a representation of yourself.

What Trends You Would Like To See End? 

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  1. I'm not a big follower of fashion, but really? The wrap cap is passable, but that bonnet is madness!

    1. The wrap caps are okay if you're headed to the gym,but wearing them to places like a high school graduation... I just don't think it's appropriate.


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