Are you UN-Lady Like On Twitter and Facebook?

10:00 AM

Pop-singer Cheryl Cole recently talked about "Birthday Cake" singer Rihanna. In the interview Cole mentions how Rihanna is a free spirit and doesn't care if she calls someone an a$$ on Twitter. Cheryl says she prefers to be nicer and set a good example for younger people. It's true Rihanna does not have a filter to what she says on Twitter. She tells her fans how drunk she is, post crazy pictures, and is TMI (Too Much Information) with some of her Tweets.
I understand that Rihanna is young and  wants to have fun, but let's face it, she's not getting any younger. So maybe she needs to start acting more maturely. I see countless girls on Facebook and Twitter talking about their sex lives and posting semi-nude pictures of themselves. Do these girls look like ladies or tramps? The better question is: What do guys think when they see this? Dressing half-naked on your profile picture or AVI makes a guy like your body and I mean just your body. What about girls who curse in their Tweets or Facebook

 I've asked guys, and one thing that makes a pretty girls less attractive is a girl who curses like a  sailor. If you want a thug as a boyfriend continue cursing and dressing provocative. It is fun to be free spirited and sometimes it can be fun behaving badly, but have a filter to it. STOP posting semi-nude pictures because once you have a boyfriend he has already seen some or most of your goodies. STOP the unnecessary cursing in your Tweets. Start controlling what you say online because people can easily think of you as UN-Lady Like. Start respecting yourselves more because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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